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AlgoTrader's Coinigy Integration to Go Live

In its upcoming 4.0 release, AlgoTrader, an algorithmic trading platform, will feature integration with Coinigy. For users interested in algorithmic trading, AlgoTrader offers a fast, customizable, and cost-effective method of trading with a wide array of analysis tools. Some of its exclusive features include:

  • “Define customized events like onMovingAverageCross, onExpiringFuture, onLastDayOfTheMonth, dailyAt6:30pm, onStoppTriggered, etc. in addition to standard events like onMarketData, onTick, onBar, onInit and onDayClose.”
  • “Trade futures and options in a continuous fashion with automatic rolling.”
  • “Utilize time-based strategies that cannot be programmed with traditional procedural programming languages.”

If you’re interested in checking out AlgoTrader, you can find a full overview of their product and features on their site here including historical data testing and Excel-based back testing support. Definitely make sure to check them out, and let them know what you think! Stay tuned for the release of their Coinigy integration!

AlgoTrader's Coinigy Integration to Go Live
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