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Coinigy Review in 2023: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners!
Read our honest & helpful Coinigy review which includes detailed information about its features, affiliate program, security, pricing plans and more.
Coinigy Allows Traders to Manage Numerous Exchange Wallets
Coinigy is a comprehensive trading platform launched in 2014, that supports more than 47 exchanges and 5,066 currencies
Top 5 Platforms For Crypto Analysis
Almost everything you need to acquire a complete market view is available in multipurpose analytical tools
Crypto trading platform Coinigy releases major new upgrade
Coinigy, a provider of multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading and tracking platforms, announced today the release of a major new upgrade, featuring a
Coinigy Launches Mobile Crypto Trading App With Paid Subscription
Coinigy is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform that just announced a new mobile app. Find out how Coinigy works today in our review. What is Coinigy? Coinigy, found online at, is a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you trade on 45+ popular exchanges from a single deskto…
2018 Bitcoin and Crypto Apps That Take Your Game to the Next Level | The Daily Hodl
In this cryptocurrency app roundup, we take you on a journey through the information platforms keeping traders, enthusiasts, developers, speculators and casual observers alike clued into the world of virtual currencies. While most of these tools are available for desktop and laptop setups, we want t…
Why Traders Say Volume Is Crypto Price Indicator of Choice - CoinDesk
CoinDesk explores why crypto traders believe volume to be one of the market’s best indicators.
After Bitcoin Enormous Growth, a Pullback Is Expected Soon
Bitcoin (BTC) is back with explosive growth since the beginning of April and experienced a local high above $8,000 this week, presenting gains of 125% for the year. The recent rise in price has been parabolic, slashing through major resistance levels like butter and climbing at an unprecedented rate…
Coinigy Launches Subscription-Based Cryptocurrency Trading Mobile App | Coin Journal
Coinigy, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced the launch of Coinigy Mobile, a…
Announcing Coinigy Mobile: Multi-Exchange Cryptocurrency Spot Trading via iOS and Android Devices
Coinigy has announced the launch of Coinigy Mobile, a full-featured, subscription-based, mobile cryptocurrency trading application for Android & iOS.
Cryptocurrency platform Coinigy upgrades infrastructure along with UI updates
Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinigy today provided a new list of UI/UX updates to the platform. The improvements come after the company made
Cryptocurrency cloud platform Coinigy launches mobile app
Coinigy, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform today announced the launch of Coinigy Mobile, a full-featured, subscription-based, mobile
Top 4 Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Charting Platforms
A lot of people rely on technical analysis when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Even though the validity of technical analysis remains to be determined, there are quite a few platforms which suppo
Xconomy: Coinigy Adds Users, As Digital Currency Values Soar
Matt Cohler, a general partner with the Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Benchmark, in 2014 described to Vanity Fair his view of the smartphone
Bitcoin Trading Platform Coinigy Raises $400k - CoinDesk
Coinigy has raised $400,000 in new seed funding to develop an updated version of its bitcoin trading platform.
Coinigy Raises $100k to Boost Bitcoin Trading Suite
Coinigy has raised $100,000 in private seed funding to expand its suite of professional bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tools.
The Top Cryptocurrency Trading Tools You Must Try - Ethereum World News
The new world of Cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more, can be extremely profitable, but it’s also a minefield of misinformation, scams, and potential technical disasters that could cause people to lose all their Crypto. New traders tend to get trapped by pump-and-pump tradi…
What Are The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps? - Crypto Block Wire
While cryptocurrency trading isn’t as lucrative as it once was, there’s no denying the fact that crypto traders still make some profits from it. To date, the most common way of accessing the cryptocurrency market is via computers. However, nothing feels better than having access to the market anytim…
Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android - Coindoo
If you are a dedicated crypto trader that has to always be connected with his portfolio, this list of Android apps will help you choose the ideal one for your smartphone.
Coinigy Exchange Review | Reddit Users Speak Out - Coindoo
It may seem like a handful, but Coinigy is a unique service in the crypto world at the moment. It’s quite clear that it’s aimed at more serious traders for which time is of the essence.
Coinigy Review 2020 – Trade Anytime, Anywhere | CaptainAltcoin
Coinigy is an excellent platform that gives you the possibility to aggregate all your wallets and exchange’s accounts into one interface by making use of the API keys of all the different exchanges. Basically Coinigy is a multi-exchange trading platform that creates a single view of all the major Bi…
Beginner’s Guide to Coinigy: Complete Review with Pros & Cons 2019
Coinigy is an all-in-one trading platform that aims to simplify the process of tracking and trading a wide selection of coins that can be found on multiple exchanges. Coinigy incorporates a range of features that do away with much of the complexity associated with managing cryptocurrency portfolios,…
Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Tools All Cryptocurrency Investors Should Use
Now that cryptocurrency has become entrenched in daily life, many people own bitcoin and other altcoins. Although mostly geared as a true money substitute, bitcoin, for one, has experienced phenomenal investor interest. Daily and longer-term trading of digital coins has become a way of life for mill…
The Five Must-Use Cryptocurrency Trading Tools | UseTheBitcoin
When trading crypto, only a tiny portion of your time will be spent actually executing trades. The real money is made analyzing the markets and making the
Cryptocurrency App Checklist for 2018
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