Coinigy Android App Update 0.4.39 Released

We have pushed an update to the Coinigy mobile Android app! This release includes fixes to several bugs that were present in prior versions.

Here is the full list of everything that went into this update:

  • Disabled volume and indicators when the line chart is selected
  • Fixed navigation bugs related to Android built-in back button
  • Fixed Progress bar loading on the portfolio tab
  • Fixed Text overlapping on all views
  • Fixed auto refresh issue on the favorites tab
  • Fixed input issue in the search bar (More -> Trade -> Select an account)
  • Fixed typo error “Recieve” in the Chart -> Actions
  • Removed white blank spaces before Price in Charts -> Options -> Data -> Recent Trades
  • Now able to enter large values in Tools -> Calculator
  • Able to enter more text in Title and Description in More -> Report
  • Fixed, Unable to swap attachments in More -> Settings -> Report
  • Fixed currency highlighting issue while selecting a market
  • Fixed crashing issues wherein pressing the “Back” button from the home screen would kill the app.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns along with what you think of the update! If you would like to try out Coinigy's mobile applications, they can be found in the Google Play Store here and iOS Store here.