Coinigy API Documentation Now Available on Apiary

Coinigy API Documentation Now Available on Apiary

Hi folks, hope everyone’s having a great week (and to those of us in the USA, Happy Independence Day!)

We’ve just recently ported our API documentation to Apiary, which gives a much cleaner, easier-to-read version of our docs. Apiary also allows you to quickly generate code snippets, and test via a mock server as well as generate requests straight to our production server. It’s a great addition to our lineup of fresh tools.

Getting started with the Coinigy API is simple! Just generate your keys and pop on over to our Coinigy API Documentation to get your feet wet.

What can I do with the Coinigy API?

Believe it or not, you can do practically everything that’s available via our web interface programmatically through our API, including adding/removing of accounts, setting alerts, viewing your favorites/watch list, placing/cancelling exchange and margin orders and more.

If you’ve been looking for a way to interact with multiple bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges through a single, unified interface- the Coinigy API is your answer. Click here to read more information about our API.

Market data, trading bots and more…

All you need is a small amount of code and you’re able to pull in market data from over 2,000 markets across nearly 50 exchanges in real-time. Place orders and monitor your balances across ALL of your exchange accounts and wallets through one cryptocurrency API– It’s a godsend for those folks interested in creating trading bots or their own applications.

As usual, if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us via support, we’re more than happy to help!

Have a good one!