The Coinigy team has released a new update for the Coinigy mobile app on Apple devices. This release includes:

  • Optimized all loading time and loading indicators
  • Fixed issues with support emails and support links
  • QR code support api accounts - quick add (Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken)
  • Fixed image save share feature on iOS
  • Performance Improvements. Increased monitoring - optimized refreshes on market data
  • Added ask/bid indicator panel below depth chart
  • Quick link to alerts added from ask/bid indicator on lower depth chart
  • Optimized Portfolio loading times
  • Ask & Bid walls available on depth chart
  • Chart options can enable and disable depth chart walls
  • Chart options screen layout made more user friendly
  • Favorites filter on exchange/market selector
  • Theme Selector (Classic, Light & Dark Modes)
  • Advanced chart view share feature updated
  • Exchange account balance refreshes are now automatic (upon account selection)
  • Exchange calculator updated
  • About App > Features enhancement - links to Coinigy Insights Mobile
  • iPhone 11 UI fixes

These updates would not be possible without feedback from all of our users. Please let us know any questions, concerns, or general comments you have about the mobile apps!

New users can download the Coinigy iOS mobile app here.