Coinigy Android Mobile App Update - Version 0.5.00

The Coinigy team has released a new update for the Coinigy mobile app on Android devices. This release includes several bug fixes and improvements to bring better speed and usability to the app. These updates include:

  • Fixed charts not displaying on devices with the Jan 5th, 2019 Android security patch
  • Fixed a bug that caused attachments to remain on screen after the issue was submitted
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some alerts from being deleted when requested
  • Forced timezone on chart tooltip/x-axis to match
  • Limited indicator min/max values to the number of available periods
  • Added the year to the portfolio calendar component
  • Optimized modal queue component on several views
  • Various security and API updates

These updates would not be possible without feedback from all of our users. Please let us know any questions, concerns, or general comments you have about the mobile apps!

New users can download the Coinigy Android mobile app here.