We're happy to announce the release of Coinigy Mobile 0.5.25 for the Android platform. Users can now take advantage of a slew of new features, performance improvements, and long-awaited Dark and Light modes.

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Coinigy is the world's most comprehensive multi-exchange cryptocurrency charting, trading, and portfolio management platform, powered by Coinigy CryptoFeed™. Trusted By Hundreds of Thousands Since 2014.

A complete list of release notes is available below.

0.5.25 b104 - Release Notes

  1. Optimized all loading times and loading indicators
  2. Fixed issues with support emails and support links
  3. QR code support api accounts - quick add (Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken)
  4. Performance Improvements. Increased monitoring - optimized refreshes on market data
  5. Added ask/bid indicator panel below depth chart
  6. Quick link to trades added from ask/bid indicator on lower depth chart
  7. Optimized Portfolio loading times
  8. Ask & Bid walls available on depth chart
  9. Chart options can enable and disable depth chart walls
  10. Chart options screen layout made more user friendly
  11. Favorites filter on exchange/market selector
  12. Trade form enhancements
  13. Theme Selector (Classic, Light & Dark Modes)
  14. Advanced chart view share feature updated
  15. Exchange account balance refreshes are now automatic (upon account selection)
  16. Exchange calculator updated
  17. About App > Features enhancement - links to Coinigy Insights Mobile
  18. Android X upgrade