Coinigy Mobile App Update - Version 0.5.29

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Coinigy Mobile App Update - Version 0.5.29
  • Core Framework Upgrades
  • Security Upgrades
  • Multiple Styling Improvements
  • Improved Portfolio Performance + Look & Feel
  • Improved/Fixed Add API Account UI and Bugs
  • Added the ability to persist more customizations between sessions
  • Chart Type
  • Favorites Bug Fixes
  • Menu Customization
  • Biometric Security Redesign
  • Advanced View V2 & Bug Fixes
  • Notes Redesign
  • Portfolio Bug Fixes
  • Manual Refresh added to API Accounts
  • Alert Bug Fixes
  • News Bug Fixes
  • App Tracking Transparency
  • Languages updated

These updates would not be possible without feedback from all of our users. Please let us know any questions, concerns, or general comments you have about the mobile apps!

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