Coinigy is proud to announce a formal partnership with SocketCluster and sponsorship of At Coinigy we use SocketCluster to power all of our real-time data streams and the SocketCluster team and product has been critical to our success.  In order to help ensure long-term support and continued development of SocketCluster we are announcing today a long-term commitment to help support SocketCluster both financially and through code contributions to the SocketCluster ecosystem.

SocketCluster is an open source real-time framework for Node.js which supports both direct client-server communication and group communication via pub/sub channels.  We have worked closely with the team at SocketCluster dating back to late 2014 when Coinigy first integrated real-time data into the platform. Since then, SocketCluster has been powering all the real time messaging underneath Coinigy's products including our CryptoFeed™ websocket API, browser app, and mobile app.

SocketCluster has been an indispensable part of Coinigy's success over the years and we are incredibly excited to be a part of the continued success of SocketCluster. — says Robert Borden, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinigy.

This partnership will continue to play a key role as we re-introduce your favorite features into Coinigy V2, which is currently in Beta.