Coinigy UI v2.3.14-beta Release Notes

  • Re-optimized all of the localStorage data patterns, making the whole app more performant and snappier.

This was a change that has been needed for awhile. In essence, there was a large JSON blob stored in your browser to help cache data and provide preferences data to the whole app. Any time that data was updated, though, the entire JSON blob had to be refreshed. This has been broken up now into multiple different smaller JSON blobs, which will make things much more efficient.

As a part of this update, all custom themes created before v2.3.14 cannot be automatically migrated over. To recover your custom theme, you can simply open up your JavaScript Developer Console and run this code:

localStorage.setItem(`coinigy->theme`, JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(`reduxPersist:app`)).redisPrefs.userTheme)); window.location.reload();
  • Set connection status icon (lower right hand corner) to be statically green and red, unaffected by custom themes.