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Coinigy UI v2.7.2-beta Release Notes

  • Adjustments to table/column styling across the board
  • Optimized alerts API calls
  • Fixed an issue with the order form where “Infinity” was returned
  • “Classic” was added as the default theme on V2 Beta
  • Added a “Play” button in order to preview Alert sounds
  • Added information popovers to IntoTheBlock signals
  • General order form enhancements with regards to decimal rounding and price precision
  • Added a prompt for users to refresh when a new version becomes available
  • Added instant feedback when placing and optimized order placement visualizations
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Order Total hint from being seen on UI
  • Added visual Order Status indicators within tables
  • Added confirmation when deleting an API key
  • Updated TradingView defaults
  • Fixed an issue where the Market Depth chart became too narrow in mobile mode
  • Optimized on-chart order indicator behavior
  • Added the ability to click on an Alert in order to re-populate the Alerts form at a given price with the same parameters as the one clicked on
  • Added currency logos to Markets Balances
  • Fix for TOTL markets when no depth chart is present
Coinigy UI v2.7.2-beta Release Notes
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