Coinigy YouTube Video Bounty

Coinigy YouTube Video Bounty

UPDATE: Check this GoogleDoc to see what videos have already been completed

— please email us if you have completed a video. We will keep this as up to date as possible!

Hi there Coinigy users! Currently, we’re looking for users to go through our YouTube videos and list timestamps for the beginning of conversations regarding news or digital currencies. We would be looking for timestamps, related currency names, and any other notes you may have for the video. As an example (made-up):

     Episode 27
     4:15 – The Halving
     14:50 – The DAO
     17:37 – BTC
     29:12 – NAUT
     42:45 – DGB
     …….. [ and so on ]
It will end up being $10 paid in BTC based on the first person to email us the information for any particular episode. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this bounty!

You can find our latest episode and a link to our channel here: