Coinigy iOS Mobile App Update - Version 0.5.27

Coinigy iOS Mobile App Update - Version 0.5.27
  • Push Notification (Price Alerts)
  • Ability to Manage New Alerts (In-App Only)
  • Redesigned Advanced View - Now includes (Save Chart, Load Chart)
  • Favorites items now have currency icons
  • Portfolio balance items have currency icons
  • Orders made into a separate screen
  • Orders screen can be added to the customized menu
  • Current Price added to the alerts list
  • Alert Condition added & now auto-set based off current price comparison
  • Chart setting will now persist through sessions
  • Filter/search added to wallet currency picker
  • Multiple styling issue fixed for smaller device screens
  • Optimized iPad experience
  • Optimized the news feed screen for performance
  • What’s New Feature
  • iPhone 12 support

These updates would not be possible without feedback from all of our users. Please let us know any questions, concerns, or general comments you have about the mobile apps!

New users can download the Coinigy iOS mobile app here.