Today, our team is proud to release our roadmap for the upcoming year! With all of the work done this past year in 2016, we want to continue our streak of constantly adding new features and tools to make Coinigy trading the best experience possible. In this video, you’ll find in-depth information regarding our Atom project — a new exchange built with simplicity, robustness, and seamless Coinigy integration in mind. Beyond that, you’ll get an introduction to new team members, the building out of our apps like SocialScanner, BlockExplorer, and ChartScanner, tax reporting/cost-basis accounting, institutional accounts, and industry partnership goals. Further, William also takes a dive into the Coinigy 2.0 platform outlook. You can find the official roadmap document here. Let our team know what you think, and thank you all for the support we received in 2016! Let’s make 2017 even better!