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DubaiCoin (DBIC) Wallet Tracking and Monitoring Now Available!

As of today, Coinigy users can now track and monitor their DubaiCoin (DBIC) wallet addresses. To set up this feature:

  1. Click the ‘Accounts’ page at the top of Coinigy
  2. Find the ‘Add Wallet Address’ box on the left side of this page
  3. Scroll through the dropdown cryptocurrency menu and choose DubaiCoin
  4. Plug in a wallet nickname and the address you wish to track and you’re finished!

Coinigy is committed to serving the needs of cryptocurerncy traders. If there is any other coin or service you would like for us to implement, feel free to let us know!



Matt Thompson is a Coinigy team member working on community management and business development. He is currently a management information systems and finance student at Penn State University.

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DubaiCoin (DBIC) Wallet Tracking and Monitoring Now Available!
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