How V2 Affects the Future of the Current Platform

We have gotten many questions from users about how development and launch of V2 will affect the future of the existing platform. We are proud with what we have achieved thus far in the creation of V2, but rest assured that we have a lot more in store in terms of new features, updates, bug fixes, and more -- all thanks to the valuable feedback we have been receiving -- before it is officially launched.

For the foreseeable feature, we have full intention of keeping the current 'V1' platform available to users who wish to continue using it. That is, we do not plan to drop support for the existing platform even once V2 officially comes out of beta and launches. We hope that V1 users feel inclined to check out everything being done in V2 from time to time, but by no means should one feel forced to use V2 now or moving forward.

Please let us know if you have any question or concerns about how V2 may impact your continued use of the platform.