Last night's downtime and preventative steps moving forward

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the downtime experienced early this morning. There was a gnu libc security upgrade, our web server was linked to the old glibc- this caused an error while restarting our web server which is done nightly to rotate logs. Our monitoring services alerted as normal, and luckily Guillaume, head of Coinigy’s infrastructure operations, was able to put a fix in place. Guillaume did not have access to our twitter account to provide instant updates- he has now been given access.

We strive to provide 99.9% uptime and are putting a number of fixes in place to prevent this from happening again going forward. Luckily, due to our multi-tiered architecture, our back end data feeds and services were not affected during the web server outage.

Thank you for your patience while these issues were being addressed. We realize you’ve come to rely on Coinigy for superior service and it’s our aim not to let you down. Should you have any more questions in regards to last night’s downtime, please feel free to contact us via support or personally in on-site chat.