Major Update to Referral Program Payouts

Soon, Coinigy will be changing up how our system for crediting Bitcoin referral payouts works in order to better handle these transactions. Come the payout time, our team will be paying out all outstanding referral balances in bulk. From there on out, we will be doing monthly payouts for outstanding referral balances on the 15th of each month (including November 15th).

Following the November 1st payout, balances will be checked on the 15th of each month there on out and the outstanding balance at that point is what will be sent out. If a user does not have a Bitcoin address added to their account come the payout time, that user will not receive the payment for that month or any following month on the 15th until an address is added.

We are hoping that with this new system, payouts will be more streamlined as well as less confusing for users that utilize our referral program feature. If you have any questions about this change and how it may affect you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!