New Coinigy IP Added for Whitelisting

Soon, we will be adding a new server IP on our end to help with load balancing. Users who have our other IPs added to their exchange API key whitelist will want to add this new one to the list as well so as to not run into any problems with Coinigy connecting with the account. The new IP is as follows:


You will want to make sure you have **all **Coinigy IPs added to the whitelist for your API key should you choose to use this feature on your respective exchange. For a complete list of said addresses, click the ‘Add New Exchange Accounts’ on your API accounts page. From there, clicking ‘Click here for IP Whitelist Settings’ will present you with all of our IPs.

Note that not all exchanges support IP whitelisting for API keys, nor do you have to use this feature should your exchange support it (though we heavily encourage you do).

Please let us know if you have any difficulties whitelisting these IPs!