Poloniex Updates - Back-end Refactor + Trade History Sync

Poloniex Updates - Back-end Refactor + Trade History Sync

Hi folks,

We’re happy to announce that we’ve deployed a major update to our Poloniex back-end code that should help alleviate most if not all of the “dreaded” 422 and 429 (rate limiting) errors that quite a few users were experiencing. We are of course continuing to monitor and tweak this code behind the scenes so as to provide for the most seamless experience while trading on Poloniex through Coinigy. For more information, you can read about the previous issues here.

Along with this update, we’ve pushed a new feature that we’ve coined as “History Sync”. There’s a new button available on the “Accounts” page, next to your Poloniex account:


Clicking on this new button will pull your past years’ Poloniex trade history and sync it with our internal database. This will include trades that were executed prior to adding your key, and will allow for display of your previous positions on the chart as red/green arrows, per usual. Being that this is a new feature, should you have any issues at all while syncing, please feel free to reach out to us via support.

We thank you again for your patience with regards to this Poloniex re-factor and hope that these new changes will make a large impact on your day-to-day trading. Our internal benchmarks are showing that API updates occur much quicker and are a lot more reliable with regards to reporting of fills and partial fills, as well as alleviating the aforementioned rate limiting issues.

Take care and have a great weekend!