Post-Only Trading For Binance Enabled

Post-Only Trading For Binance Enabled

NOTE: Read this entire post before enabling trading on your keys!

Binance trading is now available on Coinigy in POST-ONLY mode.

What does post-only trading entail?

  • Coinigy users will be able to place trades on Binance.
  • Coinigy’s daemons cannot hunt for open**orders placed through Binance itself.
  • Coinigy’s daemons cannot hunt for *executed orders *on binance.
  • SMS and E-mail alerts will not be triggered for the above order notifications.

Wait- Why did these features work before?

  • More on this here and here.
  • tldr; Binance’s API does not support these features at scale without IP whitelisting.

What’s next?

  • Continuing to push for IP whitelisting
  • Exploring client-side-only options (which would not allow for offline notifications)
  • Resort to sending traffic through insecure proxies but we wouldn’t put our users’ API keys at risk (At least not until our ICO.)

We’ve worked with more than 75 exchanges (and their respective APIs) over the years. As always, security is our number one priority given the nature of API keys.

Let us know what types of issues you encounter while trading Binance through Coinigy, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about post-only trading.