Realtime API Upgrades, New Websocket Endpoint

Thank you for your patience during our planned maintenance Friday evening.

It’s come to our attention that some users are still having difficulty connecting to Coinigy’s services (indicated by a red dot in the lower right-hand corner of the screen) post-upgrade. If you’re indeed having issues connecting, it’s a relatively simple fix- Please do a “hard reload” and clear your cache (Instructions per operating system and browser) to get on the new code.

Websocket API Users:

We have recently changed the endpoint required to connect to our real-time API services. The new endpoint is as follows:


The former URI, will continue to be available for awhile, however you may run into certificate issues, so please update your code as soon as possible.

SocketCluster v5 Upgrade

In addition to the endpoint changes, we have upgraded SocketCluster to version 5. This version may include some breaking changes, and we are in the process of updating our API examples, github, and documentation where necessary.

If you’re using a SocketCluster v2 client, please upgrade to the new v5 client library. A list of pre-built clients in various languages can be found here.

Per usual, please let us know should you have any questions or concerns, and thanks again for your continued support.

-The Team