Trading Re-Activated On Coinigy

Note: Anyone who is experiencing issues reactivating trading after enabling 2FA, please attempt to do a full logout ( first.

Guess who’s back! That’s right, Coinigy is back better than ever with reenabled trading accompanied by several new security features on both our end and your end. Beyond trading being live, please carefully read each bullet point below in order to ensure you understand some of the changes to the site:

  • Lockdown Link: Located at the bottom of your security emails is a ‘lockdown link.’ Clicking and confirming this will immediately kick out all open sessions of your Coinigy account as well as require a mandatory password reset on your next login. Further, it will remove trading from all enabled and active exchange API accounts as well as remove all API secrets from exchange accounts. This is just a last resort if you notice suspicious activity on your account and want to halt all activity.
  • Two-factor Authentication: Moving forward, two-factor authentication is required to enable trading on any exchange keys.
  • Re-adding of Keys: Any keys that have access to trading that were added prior to 11/1 (today) will need to be re-added. Editing the API account with a new key/secret will work as well if you’d like to keep your account history intact. While this wasn’t completely necessary to do on our end, it is just one extra security measure and we felt it is good practice to get in the habit of.
  • New Emails: We’ve added a slew of new security email alerts. These include notifications about successful and failed login attempts, 2FA being enabled or disabled, and password reset verification.
  • Our End: We’ve implemented a new companywide security policy that includes requiring 2FA on all accounts and the use of strong unique passwords. While neither of these were the smoking gun in the compromise of user emails, we are definitely rethinking and improving our protocol to prevent anything similar from happening in the future.
  • **Other: **Several other internal security mechanisms to help quickly detect any attempted account breaches and to safeguard accounts.

We’ve probably said it a hundred times over the past week or two, but we truly are thankful for the support and patience we have received. Our team can understand how frustrating not having the ability to trade through Coinigy may have been but our team and our site came out better in the end. We’ve received a ton of messages, so if for any reason you have any pending or unanswered messages to us still open, do not hesitate to reach out again and we’ll take care of you promptly. Please let us know if you have any questions and happy trading!

Thank you all,

The Coinigy Team – William, Rob, Derek, Matt, Guillaume, Byron, and Joah