Coinigy UI v2.3.0-beta Released

Today, we're releasing v2.3.0 of our new V2 UI. We have been very thankful to have so many users excited to help us out by beta testing the new interface. We have received numerous emails with bug reports and feature enhancement requests, and we are reading through all of them. We're constantly searching for ways we can better improve the platform.

Here are a few frequently-requested things that have been added in v2.3.0:

  • added ability to refresh balances from v1
  • fixed inaccurate bid shown for current market
  • fixed issue related to collapsing panels while using multiple browser windows
  • fixed a bug that caused the Order Form fields to show NaN instead of a number
  • fixed some major bugs related to the portfolio balance history stacked bar chart
  • added an indication in the left hand column Markets page navigation to show what exchanges the user has trading enabled on
  • fixed issue causing transparency to not work correctly when assigning a color to a market
  • added link back to uiv1 in main header navigation

Interested in helping test the new Coinigy UI? Request access here! Is there something that you are hoping to see in the beta? Please reach out to us and let us know!

V2 Feature Highlight: Market navigation

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