WebSocket API Live Again + Big Upcoming Changes to Coinigy API Use

Following the overwhelming abuse that our API took a few days ago, we are happy to say our WebSocket API is live again. With this, we are making substantial changes to our policies with regards to API access to prevent such abuse in the future and to support the level of service both our customers and their applications demand.

Until this point, we have been extremely lenient in terms of users and how they are able to utilize our API. Beginning June 1st, use of both V1 and V2 of our API (both REST and WebSocket) will no longer be included in a base Coinigy subscription. While the subscription price for the web/mobile platforms will remain at their current levels, we will be introducing a new $99 monthly developer-focused plan that includes access to V2 of our REST API, Coinigy CryptoFeed (websocket) access for use in your own applications and priority developer support along with web and mobile access. Free trial users will still be able to use and test out the API during their trial period.

Our users as a whole, whether retail or institutional traders that use either the frontend platform or API, expect a high-quality service that is both reliable and robust. With this change, we are hoping to curb such instances of extreme abuse from happening in the future.

Further, in our effort to onboard institutions to allow new money to enter the cryptocurrency space with products focused on their specific needs, it is necessary for us to ensure this quality for all of our services. Likewise, with this new pricing tier for API access, you will receive priority support as well as full API use as you have come to expect with higher reliability.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these changes.