Coinigy UI v2.6.0-beta Release Notes

  • Full release notes: /major-v2-beta-updates/
  • Dual Order Form - Click and drag both buy and sell markers without switching between modes. Open Orders, Order History and Balances moved from the collapsible section below the chart to the Trade Tab on the right sidebar like V1.
  • Order Forms and Charts now respect the proper decimal precision for both price and quantity across every market.
  • “Classic” Coinigy look and feel. The Beta now feels more like, well.. Coinigy! Extensive layout updates contribute to the experience you know and love.
  • Custom themes now include transparency and wallpaper options.
  • Performance optimizations and memory management - You can now do everything faster and tabs should no longer crash. Views have been optimized across the board. Latency has been improved on all API calls.
  • Market Depth Chart Improvements - Not only is the Large Depth Chart more performant but it now behaves in a more consistent, familiar manner.
  • On-chart order marker behavior has been optimized for all order types.
    Post-order behavior has been enhanced to provide a smoother experience while trading.
  • Responsive layout improvements have been optimized for Mobile devices.
    vOn-Chart Alerts and Alert Form has been improved. Alert sounds are now previewable.
  • Coinigy Boards now match the chosen theme throughout.
  • ‘API Accounts/Wallets’ view has been renamed ‘Keys’ and added to the main navigation for easy access at any time.