Bitfinex Announcement on U.S. Individual Users

Today, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex updated its users on the stance of U.S.-based traders. As per this announcement, trading, deposit, and withdrawal functionality for U.S. individual customers will be terminated by November 9, 2017. Coinigy as a platform has no intention of delisting Bitfinex for its international users. The entirety of the text of their announcement can be found below:

This message is further to our announcement of August 11, 2017, with respect to terminating our business with U.S. individual customers. As indicated in the announcement, we are terminating trading, deposits, and withdrawal functionality for U.S. individual customers by no later than November 9, 2017. U.S. customers are already barred from receiving financing from other users on Bitfinex’s peer-to-peer financing platform. This restriction will remain and, in addition, U.S. individual customers will no longer be able to provide financing on Bitfinex effective November 9, 2017.

All U.S. individual users must make arrangements to withdraw their Digital Tokens by November 9th.

U.S. individuals holding Recovery Right Tokens (RRTs), if any, which relate to the exchange of now-defunct BFX tokens to equity in iFinex Inc., may, starting on October 27, 2017, sell all of their RRTs on the exchange, if they so elect. This is an exception to the general terms of use for RRTs. U.S. individuals are not permitted to buy RRTs during this time period. All terms and conditions relating to the sale of any RRTs remain in full force and effect and are deemed to apply to the sale of any RRTs by U.S. individuals or otherwise. Any RRTs remaining in the hands of U.S. individual verified customers after the November 9th deadline may be sold through Bitfinex on an OTC basis through special arrangement with us.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Bitfinex should you have any questions or concerns about this!