Coinigy Platform Updates

First of all, thanks for your patience with our planned maintenance last evening. We took the opportunity to implement some much-needed infrastructure upgrades and you may notice a significant performance increase with regards to load times and overall reliability of the platform.

In addition to our recent infrastructure improvements, we’ve been hard at work on specific UI/UX upgrades that you may have already noticed. Please find a list of recent additions below:

  • Autosave has been reduced to an optional feature, however we have put additional bugfixes in place so feel free to re-enable at your leisure. You can do so on the Settings > Preferences page.
  • Show/Hide Positions & Order History options have been moved under the right click context menu- Right click anywhere on the chart to easily add/remove your history markers and open positions. These options were previously available under the orange/yellow button at the top of the chart.
  • ‘Notes’ Tab is now available with a simple wysiwyg editor that can be found directly to the right of the ‘Economy’ tab. Notes you enter are attached to the current trading pair (exclusive of exchange) and will persist across sessions.
  • Right clicking on the chart and choosing ‘Reset Chart’ will now clear your browser’s localStorage and do a proper clearing of all indicators and drawings.
  • The Two-Factor Authentication input field is now focused by default on page load.
  • Clicking on open orders in the list will now properly navigate you to the exchange and market, regardless of pairing.
  • Bitmex price alerts are now displaying the “mini chart” properly.
  • The on-chart order placement indicator now disallows clicking and dragging while holding 0 balance of a currency.
  • The ‘Price Trend’ chart is now properly reset when switching tabs and focusing the window.
  • On-chart History markers are now properly aligned with the time the order was executed, in the latest version of the charting library.
  • You can now add any market to your Favorites by right-clicking on the pair in the markets sidebar list.

We will continue to keep you updated as we progress with platform improvements. Thanks for your support!

-The Coinigy Team