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Coinigy UI v2.8.0-beta Release Notes

  • Added ability to set Volume Moving Average alerts
  • Added ability to create a new exchange account from the Trade tab by selecting "Add New Account" from the account selection box
  • Added Events section to Insights tab which shows calendar events provided by CoinMarketCal
  • Improved how on-chart selection markers behave when submitting an order  
  • Improved layout of Insights tab and added news section
  • Improved process of cancelling an order
  • Improved UI Preference of Zeroes Style behavior when set to None
  • Improved how the Depth Chart is displayed while in mobile mode
  • Fixed issue with favorites not being saved
  • Fixed issue where UI Preferences were not consistently being saved
  • Fixed issue with chart's right-click menu not working correctly for showing and hiding orders
  • Fixed issue with dropdown select boxes being rendered an incorrect size
  • Fixed flicker when releasing on-chart markers
  • On-chart order markers are now filtered by the selected exchange account on the Trade tab
  • Removed the "SHOW ORDERS" button being mistakenly shown on the Trade tab
Coinigy UI v2.8.0-beta Release Notes
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